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Pink Martini‘s new studio album, Get Happy, in stores September 24th. Album features special guests Phyllis Diller, Philippe Katerine, Meow Meow, Ari Shapiro, the Von Trapps and Rufus Wainwright.

Pink Martini is a rollicking around-the-world music adventure…if the United Nations had a house band in 1962, hopefully we’d be that band.” —Thomas M. Lauderdale, Bandleader/Pianist

Get Happy is Pink Martini’s seventh studio album and was recorded at Kung Fu Bakery Studios, in Portland, OR over the past year. Lauderdale produced the album along with longtime collaborator Dave Friedlander. Highlights on the album include the opening track, a special first take recording of Phyllis Diller performing Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile”, as well as a duet by Forbes and Wainwright on “Get Happy/Happy Days”. The album also features songs sung in German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Farsi, Turkish and Romanian. Of the album, Lauderdale comments, “I am so happy with our new album Get Happy… It’s a cavalcade of songs in 9 languages…and is an album for falling in or out of love…or vacuuming or driving!”

Pink Martini was founded in Portland, OR in 1994 by Harvard graduate and classically trained pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale to play political fundraisers for progressive causes such as civil rights, affordable housing and public broadcasting. China Forbes, a classmate of Lauderdale’s at Harvard, joined the ensemble in 1995. In the years since, Pink Martini’s six studio albums have collectively sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and over 300 000 copies in Canada.


Pink Martini band-members
Thomas M. Lauderdale – Piano
China Forbes – Vocals
Storm Large – Vocals
Robert Taylor – Trombone
Gavin Bondy – Trumpet
Nicholas Crosa – Violin
Pansy Chang – Cello
Dan Faehnle – Guitar
Phil Baker – Upright Bass
Timothy Nishimoto – Vocals & Percussion
Brian Lavern Davis – Congas, Drums and Percussion
Anthony Jones – Drums & Percussion  



- 30 -


PINK MARTINI – Je ne t’aime plus (featuring Philippe Katerine)



GET HAPPY – in stores September 24th



1. Smile (Phyllis Diller)
2. Ich dich liebe (China Forbes)
3. Quizas quizas quizas (Storm Large)
4. Zundoko (Timothy Nishimoto)
5. Je ne t’aime plus (China Forbes & Philippe Katerine)
6. Yo te quiero siempre (Ari Shapiro)
7. I’m Waiting For You (Meow Meow)
8. Omide zendegani (Storm Large)
9. Uskudar (China Forbes)
10. Pana cand (Storm Large)
11. She Was Too Good To Me (Robert Taylor)
12. Sway (Storm Large)
13. Kitty Come Home (Rufus Wainwright with The von Trapps)
14. Get Happy/Happy Days (China Forbes & Rufus Wainwright)
15. What’ll I Do? (China Forbes)
16. Heliotrope Bouquet (instrumental)





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